Product Manager–Lead Management


We are looking for a seasoned Product Manager – Lead Management who will focus on data-driven lead management for the prospects and customers that reach out to the company for our services and drive the product needs for all tools and processes required for the advisors and Sales Operations to support them. This position will work closely with our sales team in understanding their sales process and operationalizing CRM capabilities, data capture, and reporting. They will also help operationalize our lead capture workflow from our sites to ensure we have a process and insights throughout every step of the customer journey. You will also use your data expertise to generate operational metrics to drive decision making. This Product Manager will be instrumental in defining and delivering on the new product vision for the company.

This position reports to Sr. Director Product Management – Lead Management. A successful Product Manager in this role would be one who understands the Business needs and User paint points, develop solution(s) that addresses both, execute the rollout and drive 100% adoption of the new product by the Users.

Who you are:

The ideal candidate is a proven, passionate and outcome-oriented product manager with extensive hands-on experience in understanding business objectives to drive product vision, strategy, and execution around building solutions in the lead acquisition, sales force effectiveness, sales force operations and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space.


What you will do:

  • Work with our account teams and advisors to understand the sales process, pipeline and opportunities to ensure they have the required tools to facilitate the sales process, manage leads, and follow-up with leads
  • Partner with regional, national and sales leadership team to understand data needs to provide real time data insights from the sales cycle to drive decision making.
  • Conduct process mapping and system analysis to understand integration needs to ensure proper data flow.
  • Constantly review the sales process and systems to uncover opportunities to maximize sales opportunities and conversion.
  • Create a product vision about a longer-term outcome that has an impact on the lives of our customers. Develop a product strategy to achieve the product vision.
  • Evangelize product vision, strategy and motivate the team to deliver on a shared vision.
  • Track Objectives & Key Results to be achieved for your product area. Develop key customer metrics for optimizing products for the desired outcome.
  • Establish a culture of testing and learning within your team to improve customer experience.
  • Define Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and develop A/B tests to test and evolve.
  • Conduct product and user segmentation and funnel analysis to understand user journey. Work with user experience and design teams to develop customer personas, prototype products, and test ideas with existing and new customers.
  • Conduct product discovery using story mapping or other techniques to define the work that will create most delightful user experience and to prioritize feature set.
  • Partner with business stakeholders and customers to ensure the product we are creating can solve customer needs and create business value.
  • Present business case, and product strategy to peers and senior leadership to solicit buy in for products and features.
  • Work in product teams using Agile (SCRUM) product delivery principles to help increase team performance and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Implement business and product analytics to measure the desired outcome of product features.


Required Skills and Competencies:

  • Experience in automation of sales process with CRM tools.
  • Experience in providing visibility into sales operations via real time data and insights.
  • Experience in implementing CRM in B2C and B2B environments.
  • Experience in building real time data dashboards to enable real time decision making.
  • Experience in building supporting applications outside of core CRM systems
  • 5+ years of product management experience.
  • 3+ years of experience in consumer-facing, acquisition focused web and mobile experiences.
  • Ability to think holistically about the customer journey, from our web site to our call centers, our community partners and beyond.
  • Ability to work hand in hand with user experience and engineering teams to deliver the desired business outcome.
  • Ability to think big picture, but you can roll up your sleeves to solve what is in front of you.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A collaborator at heart with a firm belief that it takes multiple points of feedback and perspective to develop the right strategy.
  • Ability to analyze product performance data and generate actionable insights.
  • Experienced in working using Agile (SCRUM) methodology.
  • Experienced in implementing and understanding business and product analytics using tools like Google Analytics, Omniture or Amplitude.
  • Experienced in designing and implementing A/B tests.
  • Use of heat map tools and prototyping.
  • Expert in product discovery techniques like story mapping, process mapping.
  • Experience in Customer Relationship Management tools like, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.
  • Open to travel.

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