UX / UI Product Designer

COMPANY:ProVantageX https://www.provantagex.com/
JOB TITLE:UX / UI Design Specialist
The UX /UI Design candidate will be responsible for determining the overall PVX design and user experience strategy for existing and new functionality.  The UX /UI Design Specialist will layout a design strategy that includes translating business and product requirements into a robust user experience. The UX /UI Design Specialist will have a hybrid skillset that focuses on designing around user workflow, creating a scalable architecture, intuitive experience, and determining how the user interface is organized enabling the entire application to a seamless relatable experience. 

Responsible for designing an ease-of-use product which allows intuitive, efficient and enjoyable user experience

Ability to lead design team and work on projects independently 

Work directly with business stakeholders, engineers, business analysts and product manager/owners to design and deliver a comprehensive design strategy

Able to tell the story of user experience/behavior to executives, engineering and business users

Able to serve current business day to day challenges; while focusing and moving the product towards the grand vision

Conduct user research on product workflows and information architecture including contextual interviews, evaluations, testing

Focuses on bringing an Agile-based design process to business and engineering workflow

Create sitemaps and capture all user workflows; along with building wireframes and process flows

Develop UI pattern libraries and other templates 


Knowledge of CSS, HTML5, Angular and React

Working with UX tools, OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, Figma, InDesign, Sketch Webflow or similar experience


Critical thinking and analytical skills that push for logical clarity in complex conversations

Identify errors in reasoning and spot weaknesses in a system

Staying up to date with the industry’s shifting tools and platforms

Effective time-management skills with the ability to keep track of multiple projects and meet deadlines

Attention to detail with the ability to make connections between ideas and positions that are far apart
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