UX / UI Designer

COMPANY:ProVantageX https://www.provantagex.com/
JOB TITLE:UX / UI Designer


The UX /UI Designer role is responsible for determining the overall design and user experience strategy for existing and new functionality. The UX /UI Designer is experienced in designing sophisticated web-application user interfaces that are consistently intuitive. This designer will layout design strategies that include translating business and product requirements into a robust user experience. The designer will also have a hybrid skillset that focuses on designing around user workflow, creating a scalable architecture, intuitive experience, and determining how the user interface is organized enabling the entire application to a seamless relatable experience.


  • Responsible for designing an ease-of-use product which allows intuitive, efficient and enjoyable user experience
  • Ability to lead design team and work on projects independently
  • Work directly with business stakeholders, engineers, business analysts and product manager/owners to design and deliver a comprehensive design strategy
  • Collaborate with senior engineering staff, product managers, and other designers to spec and design improvements and new features
  • Evolve and improve existing user interface that is heavily data driven
  • Able to tell the story of user experience/behavior to executives, engineering and business users
  • Able to serve current business day to day challenges, while focusing and moving the product towards the grand vision
  • Conduct user research on product workflows and information architecture including contextual interviews, evaluations, testing
  • Focus on bringing an Agile-based design process to business and engineering workflow
  • Create sitemaps and capture all user workflows, along with building wireframes and process flows
  • Develop UI pattern libraries and other templates
  • Ensure design stays visually consistent, usable, friendly, and can scale


  • Solid understanding of basic design principles and proven ability to apply / enforce principles consistently through a project
  • Produce logical interaction flows
  • Identify visual design and user experience problems and devise approachable solutions
  • Ability to work independently and efficiently
  • Command excellent communication skills and embrace team collaboration
  • Energetic and hard working
  • Experience with UX tools, OmniGraffle, Balsamiq, Figma, InDesign, Sketch, Abstract, InVision


  • Critical thinking and analytical skills that push for logical clarity in complex conversations
  • Identify errors in reasoning and spot weaknesses in a system
  • Staying up to date with the industry’s shifting tools and platforms
  • Effective time-management skills with the ability to keep track of multiple projects and meet deadlines
  • Attention to detail with the ability to make connections between ideas and positions that are far apart
  • Knowledge of CSS, HTML5
  • Familiar with Jira
  • Experience working on a B2B product or platform is a plus
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